Monday, May 25, 2009

Porch decorating

In honor of Memorial Day, I am posting some images from a recent porch
“mini-makeover. Using my clients hanging folk art flag as inspiration (what a great piece!) we pulled out a pair of friendly white rockers from her shed and then had thick seat cushions made in a vibrant indoor/outdoor fabric for this shady porch. Now all we need is a large pitcher of ice-cold lemonade and some passing neighbors to stop by and chat for a spell ...

And when a little privacy is desired, this miniature screen of evergreens politely does the trick. Hardy pansies in cranberry red add color and charm.

An early spring vignette designed with my client’s antique tricycle, an old-fashioned container overflowing with blue star-shaped perennials (to be planted later) and some organic vertical interest.

With the warm weather, we have added a lush, Boston Fern (actually an indoor plant) in a terra-cotta urn on top of this traditional wicker console. The large scale of the plant is a dramatic welcome at the front door.

And by adding a few “non-growing decorative objects – like this basket of rope spheres along with a moss-covered carrot in honor of her stone bunnies – we are ensured that even without direct sun or watering, the look will remain true to our design.

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