Friday, May 1, 2009

May 2009

Calendar photo of Playa del Carmen by Bobbie Bush

I recently got together with a friend of mine, Bobbie Bush, at her photography studio in Salem, Massachusetts. I first met her many years ago when we both worked in direct-marketing for Epsilon in Burlington. She was a hip account exec with a passion for photography, and I was a graphic designer who spent much of my free time pouring over magazines like Martha Stewart Living.

I remember attending a show that featured Bobbie’s work – a series of Polaroid transfers from a trip to Africa in particular. I could see even back then that she had a lot of talent, and brought home this great image from the event ...

Flash forward to 2009 and we are both following our creative passions. Bobbie is a full-time photographer with a great portfolio of portraits and still-lifes, an extensive corporate client list, and a beautifully decorated studio to boot (I wish I had my own camera for our visit!).

Meanwhile, I have been consulting with clients for the past ten years on how to create spaces that reflect their visions of home. I guess in a way our second career choices have that in common ... we both aim to make our subject look it’s best.
Thanks to Bobbie, I now have a professional photo with an authentic “taken by a friend” look. Be sure to check out Bobbie’s website and blog to enjoy a virtual snapshot of the talent behind the lens.

Bobbie Bush Photography
35 Congress Street, Salem, MA

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