Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House hunting and makeovers

In an effort to stimulate the spring real estate market, I am dedicating the next few days to “before and after photos. For all you house hunters out there, before you walk away from what could be a dream home in disguise, think about temporary solutions that could transition you through potential design dilemmas until you have the ... (choose one)

A. time
B. energy
C. inspiration
D. funds
E. all of the above

necessary to create your ideal

Or, if you are not feeling the love for the living space you do have, these mini-makeovers may help ignite some decorating passion

When we bought our fixer-upper five years ago, this first floor bathroom screamed “do-over.


(even this frightful scene did not scare us away at the open house ... brave, yes; crazy, a little)


With minimal effort, and a small-scale budget, the outdated space was transformed ...

I re-papered the less than perfect walls with a subtle damask print that was more suitable to the vintage fixtures and mirror. By adding a simply tailored window treatment with contrasting stripes and black beaded trim, this small bath becomes more timeless elegance than kitsch.

and AFTER again...

If I were to take this bathroom and re-do it with a more generous
budget – using the old wallpaper as my inspiration – I might use this classic Marimekko print for the shower curtain ...

Marimekko - Unikko (designed in 1964)

and this curvaceous mirror from the Barbara Barry Glamour Collection by Kallista. And while I am at it, how about the Kallista Janeway Console Table (love the legs) ...

The modern sconces paired with it in this photo from the Kallista image gallery would be a nice touch.

But instead of white, I would go with this putty-colored glass tile ...

Modern 8mm Thick Mini Glass Subway Tile from Modwalls

Add some big, fluffy white towels and a couple of accents in black, and I would have a fun, sparkly like-new bathroom. Until then, I will keep this vision in my “I can dream” files.

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