Saturday, March 2, 2013

New York Look Book

For my last Brizo post, I want to share some visual bits from the Eventi Hotel and the city outside its doors. We spent a lot of time in the conference room above, although it was arranged for meetings at the time. The color palette in this suite was punctuated with creamy white, mixed with cinnamon papaya, pomegranate red, and watery blue. 

A multiple panel image of a young couple swimming fully dressed underwater forms an intriguing art installation outside of the restrooms.

Medallions were repeated throughout the hotel. From wallpaper patterns to ornate mirrors to decorative embellishments on the boutique-like furnishings. 

The guest rooms featured simple line art drawings, luxurious robes trimmed with zebra prints, textured wallcoverings, and fabrics etched with NY cityscapes. 

Outside my window, a roof top garden is blanketed with fresh snow. The streets are quiet on this mid-winter morning.

In the hotel lobby, a mystery closet beckons with its brightly colored jungle wall paper. Yes, a few of us did explore inside.

Filigreed shutters mimic the dappled leaves in the ceiling art. 

A cyclist prepares to ride.

On this Saturday morning after the previous day’s fashion marathon, a few of us met in the lobby – in our comfortable clothes – to brave the elements and head outside the building to grab some breakfast. What I thought was going to be a short walk ended up being 16 blocks, but it was actually nice to get some fresh air and travel the city on foot with camera in hand.

Our enthusiastic tour guide, Judd Lord of Brizo, brought Donna and I to a small coffeehouse, The Grey Dog, favored for its casual ambience and delicious servings. We probably talked more than we ate, but the food was definitely worth the trek through city slush to discover this hidden gem.  

Industrial chic decor, the perfect setting for design enthusiasts!

After breakfast window shopping.

The souvenir I wanted to take home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing for my Sunday departure, and checking on the family back home, but I was happy to meet up with the last remaining Brizo bloggers for dinner and drinks early that evening.

Marilyn and I enjoying dinner AND a movie ...

Movies play on a super sized flat screen on the adjacent building.

Laura Brooks of Brizo stopping by for a final farewell.

After dinner we took over the Eventi lounge, which is a cozy mix of modern decor and retro chic. Barbara was the first to join us, then Donna stopped by for a bit. We may have gotten a little carried away on Instagram that evening, but we shared a lot of laughs and an equal amount of Prosecco with Saint Germaine (our signature cocktail!)

The golden ram was declared our Brizo-adventure mascot!

Or was the waiter our official mascot?

{Our last day}

The next morning we enjoyed one last meal as the final four!

After breakfast, it was just Barbara and I until our flight to Boston was scheduled to leave in the early afternoon. We spent our free time on a self-guided tour of the hotel to record favorite details and stunning views.

A super-sexy green velvet tufted bench on the top floor.

A unique way to reflect light in a long hallway.

A second ram.

Leaving our beloved mascot behind!

Our trusty driver delivered us to the airport where we were informed at check-in that the only seats available together were in first-class and would we be willing to upgrade for $50 each? Seriously? Barbara and I looked at each other and practically burst out laughing! Good thing we decided to splurge (we thought about it for about a milli-second before jumping at the chance) because my luggage ended up being beyond the weight limit by 3 pounds and I would have had to pay over $100 to check my bag had we flown coach! What a delightful ending to our Brizo-in-New York getaway : )

It was so much more fun flying home with a friend!

The view from my window seat to show my boys.

Landing in Boston right on schedule ...

What I missed while I was gone!

While this marks the end of our trip, it’s just the beginning of our new friendships as Brizo #Blogger19 Alum! It was so nice to connect in person with other design professionals from across the country, to share our stories about work and life, while learning about the Brizo brand, and having a LOT of fun! Thanks again, Brizo, for the extremely generous invitation and for being the Best Host Ever! 

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