Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jason Wu fashion show + after party

On route: Elizabeth, Barbara and Jordan

A bit of my dress which, by coincidence, matches the Jason Wu
fashion show invitation that we each received that morning.

Jordan and myself: no cabs for us!

{Brizo Day Three: cont.}

From day one of our Brizo adventure, we bloggers traveled in style. Black SUVs picked us up at the airport and our drivers delivered us with care to the front door of each destination. On the day of the Jason Wu fashion show, with a blizzard bearing down on most of New England, New York was experiencing a sympathy mix of slanted rain and slushy snow. Even so, we felt insulated within the city landscape and our Brizo bubble. Our drivers arrived at the Eventi with extra-large umbrellas and kindly extended an arm to steady us on our heels as we braved the elements. The show, as they say, must go on ...

At the Park Avenue location of the Jason Wu Fall RTW 2013 fashion show
Bloggers: Laura, Katrina // Brizo: Kristen, Laura

Vice President of Delta Faucet Jon Dartt with wife, Annette

While most of our seats weren’t on the runway floor,
we did have a fantastic bird’s eye view ...

An enormous crystal chandelier sparkles above large scale black and white floor tiles.
Pre-show press lines the runway. Celebs and VIPs claim their front row seats.

Backstage there is a small army styling Jason’s models.
photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Chandi close-up for my lighting geek friends (you know who you are!)

After we were allowed to take our assigned seats, we bloggers spent the next half hour or so crowd-watching, tweeting pics, and instagramming photos (#brizofw). When the stage and auditorium lights went completely dark, the entire audience hushed. Within seconds, the lights came back up at superbowl-strength-voltage and the show began. Fierce-sexy models appeared to glide onto the runway, strutting their stuff to Adele, Annie Lenox, and other killer vocals to parlay the collection’s theme of “strong femininity. Models were styled with their manes parted at the center, secured with silver barrettes at nape of neck. Electric amethyst eyeshadow in strong upward strokes. Nude lip. Cheekbones!! FYI: Jason is now offering an exclusive runway inspired collection via Lancome Paris.

Front row: Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, stands out in the 
Pantone color of the year Emerald Green. Love it with black.

Confident stripes mixed with lace overlay patterns.
photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Crowd is interested and interesting.  photo credit: Jayme Thornton

This red and black number got Anna’s eye.

Yes, please!  photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Stunning! #tailored #elegant #movement  photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Love the criss-cross patterns paired with flowing fabrics.
photo credit: Jayme Thornton

A wearable collection that is buttoned-up sexy.

Black, white, leather, fur, SHOES!  photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Back row: Shelly, Marilyn, Laura, Ellen, Elizabeth, Donna, Yvonne, Adele, Greg
Front row: Kelly, Susan, Faith, Barbara  //  Missing: Todd, Lisa, Cristi, Katrina

After the crowd cleared, we all got a
chance to bask in the limelight.

The money shot: Laura, Gizem, Jai and Kristen
(who looks a little bit like Hillary Swank, doesn’t she?)

After the show, we returned to the Eventi to change yet AGAIN (3rd outfit since our 8:30am Brizo meeting that morning) into cocktail attire for the Jason Wu reception party. Outside the hotel lobby, a caravan of SUVs awaited us. It never got old.

{Cocktail party for Jason Wu}

Jason Wu gowns plus my vintage velvet bag with owl clasp

When we arrived at the penthouse suite on West 45th Street just after 5pm, we bloggers were beyond giddy. After receiving the royal Brizo treatment for the past three days, I think most of us were actually starting to feel comfortable in our very posh NY surroundings. We casually ordered our champagne cocktails, photographed each other with runway gowns, and struck poses in front of step-and-repeat backdrops, as we anticipated the arrival of the designer du jour, Jason Wu. 

With a row of gowns from the Jason Wu collection

Elizabeth and Marilyn

Katrina and Shelly with Jason Wu show on the screen behind them

Zigs and zags with Kelly Ottinger and Adele Young
 photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Marilyn, Laura, Donna

with Donna and Judd

Sitting pretty: Laura, Katrina, Shelly, Susan

Laura, Katie, Paula, Sarah

Advertising creatives Trevor and Nick with Jayme, our Brizo photographer

Meeting stylist Cannon, who introduced Jason Wu to Brizo
photo credit: Laura Brooks

Cannon making an appearance in our “creative-types” photo
photo credit: Jayme Thornton

Discovering Jason Wu collection for Brizo in the powder room.
Taking one too many pics actually made me late for this group shot ...

This season’s Brizo fashion week #Blogger19 group (minus a few)
photo credit: Jayme Thornton

And the fabulous Brizo team // photo credit: Jayme Thornton

In the same frame as Jason Wu!  photo credit: Jayme Thornton

When Jason arrives near the end of the evening (it has been a long day for this design star!) he shares the inspiration behind his runway collection and discusses his continued collaboration with Brizo. We take more photos.

Congratulations, Jason, on an amazing collection and absolutely stunning show! I feel so fortunate to have experienced this event with my new #blogger19 #brizofw family! Thank you, Brizo!

{Fashion show end note}

I have taken the liberty of selecting some Wu designs that I would love to have in my closet (while these aren’t exactly off the runway, they do have the same tailored elegance to them). What would you choose if you could wave a magic wand?

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