Monday, July 9, 2012

After work snapshots ...

I think our bunny Shadow is spending more time outdoors this summer then I am. The boys let him run in the yard every night when the sun is low and the air is cool. I join them after work.

Herding a bunny is serious business. On the one hand I am happy to see him outside hopping about freely, but I would hate to lose him to the wilderness (although he certainly deserves a chance at bunny love). We each watch him from a different angle. Bunnies are known to change direction without notice, often turning in the air as they leap for joy.

After hearing a dog bark somewhere nearby, we quickly scoop Shadow up and leave him to rest in the safety of his hutch. I go inside to pour myself a glass of wine and contemplate how little attention I have given to my garden. Succulents, however, require minimal care so my hens and chicks appear to be surviving, but surely could use some liquid refreshment as well.   

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