Friday, April 6, 2012

Easy to care for ...

I am thinking about getting a pair of bunnies, but I am on the fence. Do we need more mouths to feed around here? Should I just stick to trying to fill the planters at my front door before Easter? And then remember to water them? My indoor plants have not fared so well this winter. Moss and grass I am pretty sure I can handle. Moss is very forgiving and will stay green even without water for extended periods of time.

I really love these lightweight stone resin corner planters cast from estate originals by the company Pennoyer Newman seen at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Combining a set of four could create an intimate English garden-like seating area. Boxwood plantings would fill them nicely, or a fragrant herb garden perhaps. These bright and cheerful flowers are ranunculus. Arent they sweet?

This circular planter would make a stunning container garden focal point, with or without the heron statue. I love how the succulents are paired with the moss.  The egg shaped garden stones in the background are pretty cool, too. They would look neat tucked away in the wooded part of our property like fossilized dinosaur eggs. Is it too late to have them delivered for our Sunday morning Easter egg hunt?

How will you fill your planters this spring?

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