Friday, October 28, 2011

Easy as (pumpkin) pie

Okay, this is the easiest flower arrangement anyone can do.
The only tricky part is carving out the pumpkin : )

  • one pumpkin
  • bouquet of flowers plus interesting filler plants (grasses, fall blossoms, ribbons)
  • square of oasis (floral foam)

How it is done:
  • soak floral foam in a bowl of cool water
  • carve pumpkin while foam is soaking
  • face on pumpkin is optional but will require a vase to be set in the carved out shell

  • set a square of wet floral foam inside pumpkin shell
  • cut flowers to length that reaches over the top of the shell
  • place flower stems in floral foam as desired
  • add water to pumpkin shell once arrangement is complete

That’s it! Great as a centerpiece, plus no one will walk off with it in the middle of the night : )

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