Friday, October 21, 2011

A creative collaboration ...

Now that the autumn issue of New England Finery Magazine is complete, I can sit back and flip through the pages, which in retrospect are like a scrapbook of my summer. One of my favorite aspects of my job as editor is planning and attending photo shoots. This summer, I had the pleasure of working with Michael J. Lee on three feature stories. After individually scouting a few locations, we put some dates on the calendar when we could get together to capture the desired shots.

The York Decorator Show House is an annual favorite of mine. I took in the show with a couple of friends in early August then came back with Michael a few days later to shoot “Focal Point. This property was graced with many fireplaces and each offered a creative design solution. It was so much fun to have the show house pretty much to ourselves before the Sunday crowd came in! I was able to get a close up look of each of the spaces and truly appreciate the fine details of each room.

Michael came up with the idea of getting two local interior designers who had not met before together for a shoot at the Boston Design Center. Phoebe and Gerald were a pleasure to spend time with, and Michael staged this shot perfectly. All I had to do was show up : )

Design: Suzanne Iovanna

I am especially proud of the OMG decorating story that we shot in late August (I scouted it in June). There were so many beautifully decorated rooms to choose from, but as editor I had to pick the ones that I felt readers would respond to the most. When Michael and I were setting up shots in each of the spaces, it was easy to imagine how much fun this family must have entertaining in their “great” rooms.
Since the issue launched, I have received a lot of positive feedback on the spaces we featured including comments like “I wish I lived there!” And that is what the magazine is all about -- providing a bit of visual escape from our every day, along with some inspiration on how to incorporate what we see on the pages into our own lives.

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