Monday, August 22, 2011

Labor of love ...

This has been a very busy summer with
little time for rest and relaxation.

I have been wearing a lot of different hats.
Magazine editor, photo stylist, graphic designer, writer
, decorator ...

Oh yeah, and mom of four growing boys
(do you have any idea how much laundry that entails?)

Good thing I love what I do,
because my work feels like play.

Truth be told, I have had the chance to attend some really
fun events lately, too, which I promise to post about soon!
In the meantime, please visit my guest post on
Decorating a Nursery on

– All photos taken at La Bella Baby Boutique


  1. I told my husband about you "ignoring" your boys and your youngest making you that card:) I told him I would be 100% ok if we only had boys. So sweet. I am so glad we got to sit close to each other. I was looking back and you and I were standing right next to one another in a picture at the Nate Berkus show! Just goes to show how little I can remember if I don't actually have a discussion with someone. Let's all get together again soon!

  2. Well your little guy was just adorable, Stephanie! I love to talk with new moms like yourself because it reminds me of when I, too, was in "baby love." Now it is a deeper love that is spread out x4 but I'll never forget when I only had eyes for my little Zach ; )

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I like that crib. It was so nice and those hats over there it took time for me choosing the best.


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