Friday, August 19, 2011

How to choose fashions for your home

When picking out accessories for your interiors, are you sometimes uncertain which direction to go in? There are so many choices out there! My advice is to take a look at your favorite wardrobe pieces and pick items that reflect your fashion sense. Or if you are not very daring when it comes to dressing, pick items based on the outfits of your favorite celebrities or that girlfriend whose style you admire most.

To read my entire post on fashion inspired design, visit the design blog of the fabulous company Alluminare, an online design resource that is setting trends by offering custom designed lighting and home decor options for the most stylish homes. Jeff Lewis, of Bravo TV’s Flipping Out, has his own line at Alluminare and I happen to have a custom-designed fabric of my own on the site, too. Now if I could just get my fabric made into a dress, I would know just what to wear to all these interior design events that I am scheduled to attend!


  1. I agree with you, fashion and design are closely related! Great post!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! The stylish dress shown in this post looks like something you would like ; )


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