Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspired by the coast ...

Temperatures rose above 100 degrees in New England today. It is the time of year during mid-summer when one longs to spend it cooling off along the line of the seashore. We are very fortunate that there are so many beaches within driving distance that we can visit to find relief from the heat. It is always worth the trip (as long as there is parking available ; )

Interior designer Katherine Hawkins enjoys the beaches of New England not just for their ability to cool, but for the inspiration that she finds there. An avid collector of sea glass, she is constantly on the lookout for these ocean-hued treasures. Read her article on incorporating the colors of the seashore in her article “Sea Glass Serenity in the summer issue of New England Finery Magazine. And when you click on her illustration, you will be directed to the decorative pieces she has chosen to represent her vision of a room inspired by the water’s edge.

photograph by Katherine Hawkins

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  1. Thanks, Yvonne, for giving me the opportunity to contribute an article to New England Finery Magazine. I was delighted to share my love of collecting & decorating with coastal treasures. Not only are they inherently beautiful, but they are also wonderful design muses! And you are right... with temperatures around 100 degrees, the seashore is a great place to be!


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