Saturday, June 25, 2011

The gift of wine

“I have something for you! my younger sister exclaimed with a twinkle in her eye one Friday night when I was over her place for a visit. “What? It isn’t even my birthday?” I replied. We were sitting in her kitchen enjoying drinks and snacks. She got up quickly and disappeared into her pantry. When she returned, she handed me a tall green bottle (ooh, my favorite type of gift!) and she said with a grin, “I saw this and thought of you.” Here is what the label on the back said ...

How often do people tell you what they really think of you or how they see you, and then hand you a bottle of wine? Usually a few drinks come first before the compliments ; ) While I wouldn’t consider myself a drama queen, I do like her outfit the best of all the other Middle Sisters in the wine’s lineup of characters (check them out here) and I do like social events, and fashion shows, and fundraisers ... hmmm. Just to be sure, I took a test on the website to determine which Middle Sister I really am (I actually discovered I am a Smarty Pants, so there, although I might have some Goodie Two Shoes in me, too : ) The Middle Sisters, whose motto is “there’s a bit of middle sister in all of us, even have a cute blog with random – and funny – posts from each of the wine girls, like the time Drama Queen was caught out in public wearing Crocs (she wasn’t happy about it!)

While on the site, I discovered that the Middle Sisters donate to organizations that support and promote sisterhood like Dress for Success and Wine, Women & Shoes, which produces socially engaging events that combines – you guessed it – shoes, wine and girlfriends to raise funds for women and children’s causes. Well, I’ll drink to that!

And while I don’t have a large supply of either shoes (I’m too practical for that) or wine in my house (if I buy it, I drink it ; ) I do think this t-shirt that Linda Smith picked out to sell at New England Fine Living is kinda cute. It is available in-store or online and will be seen in the next issue of New England Finery Magazine which, BTW, I am working on as we speak! Look for it hopefully by the end of June along with a new website devoted just to New England Finery. Obviously I have a lot of work to do over the next five days, so unfortunately I will have to keep my wine drinking to a minimum ; )


  1. How cute that your sister thought of you when she saw that wine... I have never seen it before! Looks like I will have to hit the wine shop. I did go to the Middle Sister website & took the quiz... turns out I'm a "Smarty Pants" like you:)

  2. I love 'Middle Sister Wines. I love the name. I am the 'Middle Sister in a large Catholic family of eleven children, right smack in the middle--

    And, I'm the 'Middle Sister of the five Sisters.

    I send labels Middle Sister wines out as Christmas gifts and for the Middle Sister wines I keep to myself and my friends, I make magnets out of the labels.

    They're so clever. 'just like 'the 'Middle Sister!!!!!


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