Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flash mob for change!

If you were presented with the opportunity to perform in a spontaneous flash mob or hide behind a video camera to record it, which would you choose? Tuesday night, I was standing high up on the Wakefield bandstand as a crowd gathered below me and started to dance to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Having missed the two official rehearsals prior to our first ever mob dance, I felt much more comfortable capturing the scene on my camera than performing with what turned out to be quite an enthusiastic group! Today I created a video out of the footage and thankfully my teenage son was home to help me figure out how to do that : )

Note cards featuring the Wakefield common at sunset are available
through Gathering Change. All proceeds are donated to help
support neighbors in need.
Photo credit: Roy Goodwin

Gathering Change, Inc., along with performing random flash mob dances, collects spare change to help support local food pantries and social programs. All of our volunteer performers donated their time, and many brought bags full of change to yesterday’s get together. Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to get out there, and thank you to those who support Gathering Change by spreading the word (and liking us on Facebook ; )

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