Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret Santa gifts ...

After spending an afternoon running around doing holiday errands last weekend, I returned home to discover a Secret Santa had left a gorgeous arrangement of red flowers and winter greenery on our front porch. The boys were actually the first to discover the red velvet wrapped vase (so pretty!) Along with this surprise bouquet was a family of decorated ginger bread cookies (four boys, a mom and a dad) that we promptly devoured. Thank you, SS (and cookie decorating elves) for brightening our day!

If you are looking for some last minute surprises for the people on your list, may I suggest a few? (Consider leaving flowers and treats as suggestion number one : )

How about a basket of goodies?

Or something luxurious?

Perhaps something bold?

Or maybe something personalized?

Are you looking for something unexpected?

Or would something bright and sparkly do the trick?

Something cute and practical?

Or maybe just “a little something?”

All of these items can be found at New England Fine Living along with some one-of-a-kind items from my design collections (while supplies last ; )


  1. hello Yvoone! what a gorgeous arrangement, and what thoughtful gift from your secret santa!

    your suggestions are so fun- I'm loving that gold frame! Perhaps we 'will' meet one day at your shop- it looks great!

    merry christmas from our home to yours!


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