Friday, October 23, 2009

Have you seen me?

Do you recognize this fabric?

Everything has been going very smoothly with the launch and visual merchandising of my friend Beth’s new store Beth Hylan Design Studio that is scheduled to open on this Saturday, October 24th in Reading. Maybe a little too smoothly ... I recently discovered that a fabric I had planned to use for a new collection that I wanted to show in the store has gone missing. I am not sure where it ended up, but if it were to magically reappear I would be very happy! If anyone knows the name of this print please send me an email ... I miss it!

On a chair-ier note (pun intended!) here is a sneak peek at a before and after that will make its way over to the shop ...

Before ... I loved this fabric that I chose for this hand-me-down chair when it was in my dining room. A couple of mac ’n cheese lunches coupled with a few playdough sessions later, and it was no longer on my best-dressed list.

I have since made peace with my reality (“we just can’t have nice things” is a common phrase around here!) ...

Leather Parsons Chair from Target

My new chairs are completely kid friendly and look quite stylish with my traditional mahogany table (check back next week for a post on tables).

And now that I have a safe place to bring out some of my more delicate pieces, I decided to rescue the old chairs from their banishment to the garage and have since prettied them up to use as display for Beth’s shop.

After ... I am in love again!

Come see me (and the chairs) in person this weekend at the Studio. I will be there as much as our weekend schedule allows (hoping the hubby is looking forward to quality time with his four boys!)



  1. How do you feel about using these parson chairs to complete a dining room set that only has 4 chairs. Using the two of these at the ends of the table?

  2. I think that would be a great way to finish off the set. Let me know how it goes!


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