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5 Ways to Age Backwards with Rodan + Fields

“Within weeks, I began to notice a change in the appearance of my skin.”

–  Rodan + Fields Consultant, Colette

Are you tired of investing in complicated skincare products that dont make a visible difference? Are you looking for real results like Colettes above? If you want to change how your skin looks and feels, whether youre in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or more, then this post is for you!

I’ve been using Rodan + Fields skincare products for over two years now – first as a customer and then as a Consultant – and I’m so happy with the difference they’ve made!

I started using the products at a point when my skin was acting overly sensitive, was very dry, and just didn’t look good in general. Nothing seemed to help improve its condition and I thought I would just have to accept my aging skin (I was 47 at the time). Since committing to a daily R+F skincare routine, my complexion has consistently improved over time. It no longer flares up, its smooth, firm, and has a healthy radiance. As a Consultant, Ive watched my happy customers experience similar results. And at 50 years of age (getting very real here) I feel as if my skin looks better now than it has in years.

You may wonder which of Rodan + Fields life-changing skincare products are the best to start with, when there seems like there are so many to choose from? Today I want to share my top 5 Rodan + Fields favorites with you. These products WILL transform your skin. People will notice the difference. And you will fall in love with R+F like so many others have, but first you need to try them for yourself.

My Five R+F Favorites 

1. Clean the slate with REVERSE

Unless youre suffering from acne or have extremely sensitive skin, I consider Reverse Brightening Regimen to be a great way to introduce Rodan + Fields into your daily routine. Reverse will even out and brighten skin tone while it fights the signs of aging with the help of a powerful combination of Vitamin C and retinol. My favorite part of this skincare routine is the scent of the exfoliating face wash (luscious and relaxing, it has a hint of citrus and peppermint). Using Reverse feels like enjoying a spa facial at home, but at a fraction of the cost. And the results are just as impressive!

2. Get rolling with AMP MD for best results

What if I told you that rolling a bunch of tiny micro-needles across your face and neck area for just one minute a day could significantly change the firmness and overall texture of your skin? Would you try it if I told you it doesnt actually hurt? The AMP MD roller is the essential add-on tool to improve how the multi-med therapy products from Rodan + Fields work. This patented, hand-held roller creates tiny channels in the top layer of the skin which then allow the next application of product to sink deeper into the tissue. The micro-abrasive action signals the body to send collagen to repair the rolled area. More collagen means plumper, younger looking skin! The roller works especially well on the fine lines around the lips (add Lip Renewing Serum for even more improvement), to firm up the skin on the neck, and to improve the appearance of the forehead, brow, and decollete. Regular use on troubled areas can help to even out scarring. Some users even swear by the AMP MD system to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks (although this particular use has not been clinically tested in the RF labs). Thats a lot of benefits for just one minute of self care each night!   

3. Boost those lashes!

Since Rodan + Fields launched Lash Boost in October of 2016, it has been receiving rave reviews! The after photos really speak for themselves (see mine below). With just one thin swipe of this lash nourishing serum (rich with keratin, biotin, and peptides) on the top lash line each night, lashes start to look noticeably longer, fuller, and even darker in just a couple of weeks. After 4 weeks they really start to pop, and after 8 weeks or more they are show stopping! Add your favorite mascara and the results are pretty dramatic. RF Lash Boost serum even works on helping to fill in sparse brows. Many of my customers who used to love lash extensions, are now much happier seeing the growth of their own natural lashes. They also love that Lash Boost is much less time consuming to apply and they no longer have to schedule costly maintenance appointments. If you love the look of long, lush lashes, you need to give Lash Boost a try! 60 day money back satisfaction guaranteed. 

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Dryness makes skin look older than it is. When skin is hydrated, it looks and acts younger. This oil-free super serum (30% glycerin combined with hyaluronic acid) will actually raise your skins hydration level by 200% after just one use and it will continue to hydrate your skin for up to 8 hours, drawing moisture from the environment (that’s why they call it active). All you need is just a few drops morning and night before layering a moisturizer on top. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, or even oily, Active Hydration Serum will balance out your skins hydration, giving your complexion a youthful glow that you will love!

5. Stay firm

When youre fighting the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness, you need to employ the best defense against time, using hard working ingredients on a daily basis. The Redefine line from Rodan + Fields has what you need. It starts with a kaolin clay mask that gently cleanses and smooths the skin, followed up by a pore minimizing toner, plus daily and nightly moisturizers that feature Hyaluronic acid, retinol and peptides. The Age Assault special bundle also includes the cant-live-a-day-without Multi-Function Eye Cream along with both Night Renewing Serum and Lip Serum. Enjoy special savings on ALL of these skin transforming products when purchased together.

*I’m looking for Beauty Influencers!*

If you love helping others to look and feel their best, then Im looking for you! Contact me to find out how you, too, can be a brand ambassador for Rodan + Fields premium skincare!

R+F is available through Independent Consultants located in the US, Canada and now Australia. If you love social media and are willing to wash your face and share your results with others, than you can expect to do very well with this billion dollar brand behind you.

Reach out to me directly (email or visit my R+F business page to learn more! 

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