Sunday, August 21, 2016

7 Beauty Must-Haves

While making our homes look their best is rewarding, treating our skin to the same pampering is a makeover that travels with us (no need to pull out our iPhone to show our latest renovation project when our healthy glowing skin can radiate the results!) And truthfully, it costs a lot less to invest in great skincare products than it does to makeover a room, plus the “after is so very worth it!

I have had a lot of happy interior design clients over the years. I now also have a large group of very happy Rodan + Fields clients who are loving their new looks! One recently was raving to our mutual friends about the difference these products have made for her complexion AND for her confidence. As someone who is face to face with her own clients every day, she was thrilled to see her skin improve so quickly. She had been feeling like there was nothing she could do to stop the signs of aging. And while getting older is truly a gift, not many of us enjoy looking tired (even when we are not) or seeing the signs of prolonged sun exposure looking back at us in the mirror each morning. My friend’s new daily routine of proper hydration and effective exfoliation has left her now well-cared-for skin with a noticeable glow ... even her co-workers have commented on the difference!

Having youthful looking skin really is just a matter of using the right ingredients in the right order to get the best results. R+F products are clinically proven to do just that. Below are 7 of my customer favorites.

REDEFINE Daily Regimen with Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 and Overnight Restorative Cream (60 day supply)

Works wonders while reducing the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness. Use this twice a day for best results. Did you know that going to bed without washing your face at night can age your skin by 18 days? If this is your typical routine, do the math. Scary, right?

REDEFINE AMP MD System with Micro-exfoliating Roller and Night Renewing Serum (Roller lasts one year, Serum is a 60 day supply)

Improves product absorption, enhancing results, while creating a more luminous and refined appearance. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to incorporate the roller into a daily routine. To have micro-needling done at a salon or spa can costs hundreds of dollars per visit. This at-home tool enables the same benefits for far less on a daily basis. And no, it does not hurt! Applying light pressure goes a long way and allows the products to get below the top layer of the skin for best results.

Acute Care “Fill a Wrinkle While You Sleep” Skincare Strips (One month regimen includes 10 pairs of strips)

Award-winning alternative to injectables. See long lasting results after just 10 sessions. I call these “special occasion” strips. Perfect to use a month before a special event like a class reunion or a wedding. Lots of my customers love to order these before the holidays when they have lots of events to go to, but little time to rest in between.

Best eye cream out there! Use morning and night to significantly reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, fine lines, and crows feet. Also keeps dark circles at bay (my personal skincare nemesis!!) One jar lasts about 5 months!

When your skin is starting to look its best after treating it to a daily skincare regimen from Rodan + Fields, you will find yourself able to ditch your heavy cover up foundation completely! A nice alternative is this light wearing powder (comes in Light, Medium and Bronze) which provides a layer of sun protection while imparting a soft matte finish to your complexion. I love how easy it is to simply dust-and-go, plus the retractable brush can be filled with powder then thrown in a purse for travel purposes. 

With summer in New England coming to an end, there is still a way to keep that golden glow. This foaming tanner goes on easy, has a pleasant scent, and creates a sun-kissed look without exposing the skin to harmful rays. Customers love this one!! Pair it with the sugar-salt scrub formula of the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste below for best results.

High glide formula for a brighter, refined complexion. Features vitamins C and E. Great as a mini-facial or to smooth rough spots on elbows, heels, and more.

Want to give any of these result producing skincare products a try? Email me for a sample ( or visit my website to place an order. Be sure to register first as a Preferred Customer so that you can enjoy 10% off retail prices PLUS free shipping on any order over $80. One time PC enrollment fee of $19.95 will also ensure that you only receive products when you need them (I will personally check in with you every couple of months to see how you are liking your results – which I know you will!)

Want to save up to 25% off these products and more? Enroll as a Brand Ambassador on my team and you can be paid to share these products with others! If you are already a social sharer (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) then this a great business model for you! That’s why I love it. Ask me how to get started!

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