Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art in Bloom 2012

Last week was the Village Garden Club of Lynnfield’s Annual Art in Bloom display at the Lynnfield Library. Seasoned artists from the Lynnfield Art Guild along with talented students from the Lynnfield Middle and High Schools were asked to submit their works of art to be interpreted with flowers. 

“Soaring Colors” by Alison Council

I fell in love with this collage by Lynnfield High School student, Alison Council. First, the typography combined with hand written words of inspiration really appealed to me. Second, the bird image is made up of little bits of ripped magazine pages. You know how much I love magazines! The composition of the piece impressed me and I admire its confident message.

Arrangement by Yvonne Blacker
“Soaring Colors” by Alison Council

For my arrangement, I chose mini carnations which look like crinkled pieces of paper. I found these really neat floral accessories that looked very Dr. Suess-like (the tall curled brown branches remind me of Alison’s poetic script, bright pink orbs repeat the pink of the bird, and the fragile white pods resemble eggs). I supported the flowers with a nest of feathers tucked into the tall, vintage silver vase. In order to incorporate some blue into my interpretation, I twisted a pale blue silk ribbon around the vase as one might wrap a hand-held bouquet. This arrangement was all about the container, the scale, and finding inspiration in whimsy. 

It was such a pleasure to meet the artist, Alison, on opening night. Her parents were also there, and I could tell they are very proud of her! The audience was quite lively being composed of students, their families, and those of us who have been at this Art in Bloom thing for awhile : ) I think it was one of my favorite shows because it really captured the spirit of community. 

“Life, The Universe and Everything” 
Artist Gabriel Fadel, Lynnfield High School
Arrangement by Ann Encarnacao

“Eiffel Tower” by Britt Daw, Lynnfield Art Guild
Arrangement by Laura Thomson

“Spring Blooms” by Ashley Bass
Arrangement by Chris Barbosa of Northeast Nursery

Lynnfield Middle School student Ashley Bass
discusses what inspired her painting.

“Pastorale” by Beth Aaronson, Lynnfield Art Guild
Arrangement by Bootie Stevens

“Twilight Garden” by Juhi Saxena, Lynnfield Middle School 
Arrangement by Karen Hathaway and Betsy Foley

“Happy Pandas” by Marina Maylor, Lynnfield High School 
Arrangement by Mary Schwartz

“Live Free” by Mackenzie Comeau, Lynnfield High School 
Arrangement by Paula McKeever and Debbie Caniff

“Jetty” by Britt Daw, Lynnfield Art Guild 
Arrangement by Jan Lisacki and Karen Hathaway

“Candle Light” by Shaila Desai, Lynnfield Art Guild 
Arrangement by Micki Trigilio

“Henna Design” Samantha Shapleigh, Lynnfield HS 
Arrangement by Judy Barry, Floral Designer

Judy shared a neat professional trick with us ... she created her arrangement in a shallow dish that she then balanced on top of the tall floor vase.

“Window Reflections on Rue De May”
Artist Ruth Mowder, Lynnfield Art Guild
Arrangement by Greg OBrien of Gregorys
Flower Shop and Garden Center in Wakefield

“Cat Tail” Connor Reardon, Lynnfield Middle School
Arrangement by Nadine Richie

“Sedona” by Gail Rober, Lynnfield Art Guild
Arrangement by Lisa Green, AIFD

“After the Storm” Joanne M Graham-Troy, Lynnfield Art Guild
Arrangement by Darlene Donnelly, Heritage Flowers, Lakeville

Club members Micki, Wendy, Laura, Betsy, Karen, Joan, Ann

Thank you for stopping by to visit our arrangements.
We hope you enjoyed the show!

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