Monday, December 12, 2011

It’s (almost) a wrap

Silver paper sparkles in a room filled with designer patterns.

Space decorated by Katie Rosenfeld and Rachel Reider

Naughty or nice? This wrapping paper is sure to get noticed.

Space decorated by Katie Rosenfeld and Rachel Reider

Small, brightly colored packages look right at home
nestled in a pair of dining room chandeliers.

Space decorated by Hillary Bovey of Concord for the

An evergreen garland strung with gifts adds
holiday charm to this traditional fireplace.

Space decorated by Kate McCusker of Theodore & Company

If only ... a place for everything and everything in its place.

Remember this great wrapping room featured in the last issue of New England Finery? If you are in the throws of the holiday gift buying/wrapping/giving season, I bet this kind of dedicated space is looking like a must-have about now. And if there is a lock on the door it would be the ideal place to hide surprises from sneaky little (and big) ones who just have to know if they are getting everything on their list.

I have barely had a chance to do much holiday shopping myself (so boys if you are reading this you can stop looking), however I have been putting the finishing touches on some holiday gift giving and decorating ideas for the next issue of New England Finery. Look for it online later this week. Click here to subscribe (it’s free – my gift to you : )

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  1. I love that silver paper in the first image! I'm using something similar with my gifts this year.


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