Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend list of stylish blogs


This week I received a Stylish Blogger Award from Tricia Mitchell of the Avolli blog Swedish Antiques. I was honored to be on her list of 10 stylish blogs that she follows, as I am a fan of her blog and the gorgeous Scandinavian pieces that she sells on her site, Avolli. After receiving the award, each recipient of this online honor must then select 10 favorites of their own and share these links with their readers. Tricia and I actually share a number of favorites. She chose four that I would have put on the top of my list:

Completely Coastal
Create Girl
for the love of a house

All of these women design bloggers (including Tricia) were featured in New England Finery issue 1 (see pages 64-66)

Meet our Stylish Bloggers ...

For my list, I would like to include the other design bloggers who grace the pages of New England Finery. I visit these blogs for on-trend inspiration whether it be about fashion, decorating, gardening, art or living a stylish life. Pop by and say hello to ...

Fine Living Muse (starting with editors letter, page 2)
Elizabeth Wertz Photography (cover and pages 22-35)
Seams Couture Blog (cover and pages 22-45)
Gallery Della-Piana (page 45)
Dress Your Best (pages 52-53)
Kim Smith Designs (page 55)
Irwin Feld Design (page 56-57)
Dunes & Duchess (page 59)
Vermont Designer (page 66)
Focus on Design (see pages 70-71)

Bonus link ...

For my final link, this blogger was not actually in the magazine, but her sister-in-law was. Jenny Scala (page 12) provides the New England Fine Living retail shop with her favorite seasonal “Style Pics” (clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories). While Jenny loves fashion, she also appreciates delicious food and healthy recipes like the kind you will find on the blog of her sister-in-law Lucinda Scala Quinn who happens to be the executive food editor of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the host of Hallmark Channel’s foodie favorite Mad Hungry.

For recipes and highlights from her show visit Mad Hungry Blog (but don’t go there on an empty stomach!) I like reading her blog since I can relate to the fact that Lucinda also has a home full of boys to feed (she has three – older than my four – but with the same huge appetites!)

Along with spreading some “blog love” as a chosen stylish design blogger, I have to provide a list of 7 things you might not know about me. If you are one of my chosen ten, you are invited to do the same on your blog (including choosing 10 blogs that you find stylish and letting them know that they are on your list). I will put together my 7 things list and post it next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy this list of stylish blogs worth following. Thanks again to Tricia for including me in this fun “pay it forward” exercise!

xo Yvonne


  1. Hi Yvonne - thanks so much for including me! I look forward to your seven things and to clicking the links to some new (to me) blogs and websites! Have a great weekend. L

  2. Thanks for including me, Yvonne. Yours was the first design blog I ever read and you were my inspiration to start writing my own. I guess now I know what my topic is for this week's blog!


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