Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you from New England Finery

This is the cover of a journal that I received from a friend
to congratulate me on my new creative endeavor. The artist,
Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design, is Boston-based
(sounds like the perfect story for New England Finery!)

I cannot say “Thank You!!” enough to everyone who has supported the launch of New England Finery Magazine since it went live on Saturday! Linda and I have received so many thoughtful emails and comments on this premiere issue which has been viewed over 1,300 times to date! It took a team of many to create the content that fills the 70-plus pages, and we are super grateful to all of our contributors who allowed us to include their beautiful images, fabulous products, and their unique points of view.

We really loved putting New England Finery together and honestly can’t wait to do it all again for issue 2 (scheduled for early April). While Linda and I are heading back to work (find her at New England Fine Living in Middleton each week, Wednesdays through Saturday) I want to leave you with a few design tips from the pages of New England Finery:

New England Finery Magazine, pages 60 – 61

If you are in my local area ... today (Thursday) is the only day of the week to visit the Cordani shoe outlet located at 76 Albion Street in Wakefield, MA. It is open from 10am to 3pm. Walk out with your own pair of these stylish – yet super comfortable – designer shoes at reduced prices! Tell them I sent you ; )

If you are in the Wenham area, Harper Della-Piana of Seams is making room in her studio and doing some redecorating (she mentioned maybe painting the showroom the “color of the year
pink?!) The black decoupaged blanket chest seen in New England Finery was recently listed for sale on her facebook page! Contact her if interested.

And if you are looking for an amazing photographer to capture your special moments or to make a magazine come to life, all I can say is, Liz, you rock! Thank you!

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