Friday, September 3, 2010

Boston and brides ...

Take note of the woman in red confidently
leading this Boston bridal procession ...

Last weekend, my husband and I took the boys to Boston for the day. We started with a ride on Codzilla (so much fun!), we visited the big hammock on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway (so much to enjoy), we saw some artwork by Sidewalk Sam
(I actually went to college with “Sam’s
son, Rob), we saw a guy in a kilt (and not much else!) ride a unicycle and juggle three baby dolls in the center of Faneuil Hall Marketplace (I doubted him but am now a complete believer) and we watched a random bridal procession head down the city street. Of course I had my camera with me (I never leave home without it)
so I quickly snapped the photo above.

About a half an hour later, as we were returning from our walk on the greenway, we saw the same bridal party posing for pictures in a dark brick alley, up against a chain link fence.
What a cool contrast of a private and formal event with the public grit of the city. I thought to myself, “That is totally something my photographer friend, Liz, would do! As I moved in closer to get a better look I realized it WAS Liz! How often do you run into a neighbor photographing a wedding when you randomly head to Boston with all of your children for the first time??? I knew she and I were meant to be friends (and, yes, my husband and I should get out more often with the kiddos!)

When Liz posts pictures from what looked like a very energetic group of wedding attendants, I will get you the link. Do stop by her blog if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your special event ...
along with getting some really cool shots, Liz has a unique ability to capture an emotional moment
in a way that is profoundly beautiful.

A save-the-date postcard announcing the 2nd annual
Fenway Park Bridal Festival

Next weekend in Boston on Sunday, September 12th from 10am to 4pm there will be a blow-out bridal event held at Fenway Park. What a great way to get a guy (or any Red Sox fan) excited about making those final big-day decisions! There will be all kinds of wedding vendors participating along with a bridal fashion show from a new friend of mine, Harper Della-Piana of Seams Couture in Wenham (I met her and her talented mother at the North Shore Design Show last May). Four lucky couples will even win a Fenway Park wedding ceremony (click here for details!)
Tickets are only $15 per person. Save $5
per ticket if you buy them in advance online.

My nephew Roger as ring bearer.
Photograph by Loren Sklar

Our niece and flower girl, Taryn.
Photograph by Loren Sklar

My nephew (who was the ring bearer at our wedding) just had his senior prom at Fenway Park last spring. And now my niece (who was one of our two adorable flower girls) will be walking the runway at the Fenway event for Seams Couture. Did I mention this bridal extravaganza is being run by Rafanelli Events
who you may recall just threw a little party for
Chelsea Clinton?? And who would have guessed that the tiniest members of my bridal entourage would,
ten years later, both be invited to Fenway
Park for black-tie events!

{Photo borrowed from Rain’s blog}

Here is Taryn last spring modeling a classical-music-inspired gown designed by Rain Delisle, the winner of Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Project Tchaikovsky. The winning pair are shown here with Jared Bowen, the arts reporter for WGBH who emceed the event.
I love watching shows like Project Runway,
but I love it even more when I know the life story
of the model wearing the works of art!
Now that is cool : )

If you make it to the bridal event at Fenway, be sure to tell Harper I sent you! I will be posting more photos from her new Wrapture Collection after the show.
For now, enjoy these random snapshots from
our “family fun day
in Boston ...


  1. First visit. Here I am in Maine plannig a trip to LongIsland NY for a Dec wedding, so your post and boston drew me in. Love you post.

    Thank you so much.
    a really old Decorator and designer..

  2. Too funny that your friend was the photographer and that you caught her in your photo. Great story!

  3. Love the pictures and so jealous there is a bridal event at Fenway. I've wanted to go to Fenway so bad!


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