Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Storyboards online ...

What were you born to do?
A storyboard I created to promote Gap jeans

In the world of advertising, art directors create storyboards to portray a concept to a client. As an interior decorator, it is a great way to show a collection of items along with the intended mood for a space. I have seen polyvore storyboards on other blogs, and after giving it a shot, I have a new addiction. It is just like working in Photoshop, but SO much easier. Tons of trendy items already silhouetted, neat graphic icons to choose from, cool fonts, and much more. Prices and links are automatically posted with each item.

This is my first “set” as polyvore calls it. Expect more to come (along with bags under my eyes from late night posts like this one ... once you get started, it is almost impossible to stop!)

on polyvore

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