Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chocolate fantasy ...

For my son’s birthday, I promised him a trip to the Chocolate Truffle, a decadent shop full of hard to resist confections located in the center of Lynnfield. He had five one dollar bills burning a hole in his pocket, and his goal was to trade it all in for his favorite “food.” This store is heaven-on-earth for chocolate lovers, and the interior design of the store was a feast for this decorator’s eyes as well.

The Chocolate Truffle has successfully branded itself with chocolate brown and verdant green on most of its packaging and in the interior of its store (other locations include Reading and now Winchester). You can actually notice the eye-catching combination of colors just driving by ... it is stunning! The wall color is my current favorite. We* recently painted a sunny bedroom in our house a similar color – Woodland Hills Green from Benjamin Moore.
Check back later for “after

* Chris LoConte, my favorite local painter,
neat, dependable, and affordable” ... 781-334-4467

For now, enjoy these “visions of sugar” but be sure to stop in for the real thing. If you are lucky, like we were, you may get to sample one or two ...

Row upon row of hard-to-make-choices ...

Chocolate and bunnies .... two of my favorite things!

If you are avoiding chocolate these days
(not that I would advise it!) be sure to check out their display of calorie-free style-filled gum wrap purses ... so sweet!

And if you are a white chocolate fan,
you will not be disappointed ...

The Chocolate Truffle
586 Main Street
Lynnfield, MA

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