Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sugar on Top

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Decorating for the holidays is a balance of pure child-like enthusiasm and sometimes-but-not-all-the-times adult-like restraint. Last weekend I took the kids to view decorated gingerbread houses at a local church in Lynnfield and a Parade of Trees held by the Danvers Historical Society at Tapley Hall. The gingerbread houses were decorated by kids in town. The Parade of Trees mainly by business owners and designers. We managed to get through both events, plus some shopping in the town sponsored Country Store, without any mishap (I was picturing trees accidentally knocked down or sugar-coated houses mysteriously deconstructed.)    

Do you pace yourself?

Ben “You mean we can’t eat any of the candy off the gingerbread houses?” Mom “That’s correct.” Ben “Then I don’t want to go.” Mom “If you are good I will give you money for the Country Store and you can buy your own candy.” I gave him $10. He spent every penny.

Or does your inner elf take over?

I am pretty sure that this tree was minus a couple of candy dots when we left. Sorry about that, Cathy!

Are you a fan of all white or a mix of colors?

This wreath was hung just low enough that my 8 year old could select a pop from it, but he did put it back, reluctantly.

Do you like to think outside the box?

He did not take any candy off the gingerbread houses. That I noticed anyway. I promised him we will have a gingerbread house construction day of our own.

Designer style or country charm?

We went to Danvers to see my friend Linda Hentschel’s tree. We loved her over the top blue and silver theme which coordinates with her new logo and corporate identity: i-Design.  

Linda is currently featured in the December issue of Northshore Magazine. Read about her holiday decorating style here.

Company’s Coming Punch

2 liters of lemon lime soda
2 liters gingerale
64 oz. cranberry juice
64 oz. apple juice
1 frozen orange juice
1 frozen limeade
half gallon of rainbow sherbert
cut up lemon and lime slices

for the adults: top with Prosecco

Do you like to get away from all the holiday excess?

Or do you love every minute of it?

Let the countdown begin ...

P.S. The Country Store sold out of our Holiday Boxwood trees! These were my favorites with their ribbon candy like bows.

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