Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving day ...

How does a week long show that I prepared for over the period of several months get completely dismantled in the period of two hours? On Sunday afternoon I showed up at closing time to pack up and take home all of the accessories from my space at the Wenham Museum North Shore Design Show. This took all of one hour which included chatting with some of my fellow designers who were also there beginning to pack up. Okay, maybe I spent more time stalling than actually packing. 

Monday morning I arrived to see the new 26 foot truck from my day job at Designer Bath parked alongside the Museum to pick up the Stone Forest Salus Potting Sink that was the inspiration piece behind my vignette. 

While I really didn’t need a 26 foot truck to accomodate the three foot wide sink, it was quite nice – and comforting – to have a couple of my co-workers from the showroom/warehouse there to carry out the extremely heavy granite sink along with the number of pretty pieces from Circle Furniture that also had to be returned. 

And since I chose the graphics and designed the look of the new trucks, it was a slightly surreal moment in time for me as well. 

Like every year, I did take a lot of photos from the show. I will share them later this week. Right now I am still a little sad that it is all over. I guess I could always just turn that same attention to my own house though, right? If only I had access to the same design inventory : )

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