Thursday, July 9, 2015

Left Shark Inspired Design

Who is your favorite? Left or Right?

In honor of #SharkWeek (July 5 – 12 on Discovery Channel) #TBT and #summervacation, here are some nautical inspired event design photos from my son’s Junior Prom after party back in May. The theme was Cruisin Under the Stars and I was on the decorating committee with a large group of other moms. It was probably one of my biggest design challenges since we had to transform such a large space (lobbies, gym, and multiple hallways from floor to ceiling, including adding lighting) with such a tiny budget (I am pretty sure most everyone spent their own money to make up the difference like I did, although I really tried to be resourceful!) And it all had to be done in about 3 hours while the kids were dancing away at their actual prom. And then it had to be taken down and completely cleaned up within an hour (between 1 and 2am!) It was crazy, with tons of people on site working on their designated areas, but the kids loved the transformation and the event kept them off the streets for the night.

A few pictures of what we were starting with ...

When they returned to the high school, it looked like this ...

A large wooden anchor made by one of the dads, wrapped with twinkle lights, made a big impression at the dock-like entrance.

Blinking lights acted as a beacon while scented summery blooms wrapped with burlap brightened the walkway. 

I created a pop-up sign with the event logo and cruise ship graphics at my day job at White Light Visual, then had my event team install illuminated star lanterns to the entire ceiling (with fishing line and magnetic hooks). A palm tree from a recent theatrical production was repurposed. The cinder block and tiled walls were covered in black craft paper (not that easy to do!!) A red carpet was added as a finishing touch.

A water station was set up in front of the vending machines which were hidden behind Home Goods clearance curtains that we hung from the ceiling (magnetic hooks with string through the grommets did the trick). A flat screen TV box was wrapped with a large graphic that I had printed at White Light. 

The water fountain niche turned tropical waterfall with lots of large tissue paper blossoms surrounding sparkly silver strands.

The kids needed directions on where special activities were happening. Using a pole banner kit that I borrowed from work, I created a nautical striped sign to point the way.

A spot to sit and chat or take selfies: the glass front trophy cases were wrapped with lots of ocean blue paper. I recovered a bench of mine with burlap stamped with passport travel art. The potted hibiscus in on my porch now.

My favorite part of this event design process, besides getting to work with my husband during install, was creating pop-up versions of Left and Right Shark. Using screen captures from the Katy Perry video, I recreated the graphics, printed them at work, and wrapped a couple more monitor boxes with them. Of course super-size beach ball props were required, and I just happened to find a pair of large steamer trunks on the side of the road a couple weeks before the prom. Not kidding.

The Midnite Buffet committee did an amazing job with all of the food including a candy “bar complete with sparkly lobster traps and an ocean backdrop. The students yearbook photos were displayed like nautical flags and were hung on rope along the walls of the 140 foot long corridor.

There were lots of great decorating moments created throughout the school by the numerous teams of volunteers. I especially liked the Duty Free shop window above.

It took dozens of people to support this one night event, from planning logistics to coordinating donations to ensuring our kids safety while providing a fun place to hang out after a special night (there was even a mechanical shark ride in the gym a.k.a. Mussel Beach). If you wonder if it was worth all the effort, I would have to say yes. It isn’t often that I get to do this sort of thing for my kids, and I always wish I could do or give more ... but making memorable moments is its own reward.

My favorite photo of the night : )

New home for Left Shark (or Pool Shark)

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