Sunday, December 8, 2013

Show House Good Morning!

Last weekends show house brunch provided
by Linda Hentschel of i-Design Interiors

There is just one week left to visit the Designers Holiday Show House at Glen Magna Farms (ticket info here)! When I was first invited to walk through the estate back in early January to imagine how it would look renovated for a design show, I knew it would need a lot of work and TLC. Once show house preparation officially began, there were many individuals – designers, volunteers, and hired contractors – behind the transformation of each room. In my three spaces alone, I worked with over two dozen people to accomplish my design goals on time (we had just one month to work on-site). When I post final photos of my rooms, I will share the pros behind the makeover. For now, take a peek at my post for Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace where I share advice on “How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Contractor. Because in the end, every great project is accomplished with teamwork!

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  1. Nice to know! A nice way to meet everyone from this industry! Happy Holidays!


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